Upcoming Member Roundtable on the Medicaid Access Rule

Event Date: June 15, 1-2pm ET

LTQA’s next Member Roundtable on June 15 from 1-2pm ET will focus on the Medicaid Access Rule. On May 3, 2023, CMS released a proposed rule to improve access to care, quality, and health outcomes, and better address health equity issues in the Medicaid program (“Medicaid Access Rule”). A substantive portion of this proposed rule focuses on improving access to and the quality of home and community-based services (HCBS). Given the rule’s focus on HCBS, Given the rule’s focus on HCBS, we strongly encourage LTQA members to review the proposed rule and submit comments.

Member Roundtables are open to LTQA members only. If your organization is an LTQA member, contact Claire Jensen at cjensen@ltqa.org to receive details to participate.

Interested in becoming an LTQA member? Contact Claire Jensen at cjensen@ltqa.org.